Mar 19, 2009

Story 45 part-1
May Number brings fortune or the opposite to human being, but nothing brings fortune to me. But there is an emotional attachment with me regarding the number 45. Now, I am a middle aged man. Currently my age is 45. Today is the 45th day of the year and it is my birthday. As usual I am not getting anything from anyone. It is not a new thing for me. Just a repition of my old stories in a newer way. I am not sad for that because I am used to this situation. I used to get sad when I was young. But things are changed. May be I am not changed. But the tears are gone. I was never the center or the lead role of any story. Nothing emphasized me at all. I was always the sidekick except in one place. In the school, except our class all the classes follow the same rule, that the teacher announced the highest marks of the subjects particular exam.But only in our class all the teacher used to announce the lowest marks. That's because everytime I was the person who used to get the lowest marks. I was born inferior. But the barriers I have passed is unbelievable.